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Group Karaoke

Branding includes images and words. 


How you put them together builds your brand.  

Handheld Camera


The old adage that says "A picture is worth a thousand words" rings true.  Enhance the message of your music with images!  As the listener connects with the words, add to the imagination with electrifying or compassionate images.  Here's what we do!  To get unlimited viewing of each video, click on it.  Price: 2.99.    Cost to have a video made: 99.00.  Click on the PayPal icon: "Buy Now."

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College Friends

Click on the Videos Below & Join a Plan

Alone in the World
Dance Moves
Change Tears to Smiles
Candles Sparkle Like Wine
Build Your Website Video
Fathers Day Video
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Video Streaming: 2.99  Click on the video and join a plan.

To have a custom-made video, the cost is 99.00.  To purchase, use the PayPal icon.  Cost to "Buy Now" is 99.00.  Use the contact page to get in touch with us before you purchase.

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