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Small Business Pipeline

Updated: Mar 4

A business pipeline is the stages involved in moving a business from an idea to the product or service it sells. Size may affect the process but not the meaning of a pipeline. The business can be large or small.

Clothing Business

Woman Holding a Laptop in a Clothing Business. Having a Sales Pipeline Can Generate Revenue.

Small Business Pipeline: Every small business strives to have a direct pipeline to its customers. That line can have a different "look" for each business based on the products and services it wishes to flow to recipients. Have you thought about what your small business pipeline looks like? This blog is dedicated to finding basic tools that shape that pipeline as well as advanced ones. Information, images and videos will form the nucleus and circumference. We treasure comments and suggestions from anyone visiting this site.

Bakery Business

Baked Goods: Croissants, Cookies, Rolls and Breads. A Small Business Pipeline for This Bakery is Quality of Goods.

What is your pipeline to get baked goods flowing to customers?

The Florist

Man Holding an iPad in a Flower Shop. The iPad is a Basic Tool for the Business Pipeline.

It's Mother's Day and a Wedding Anniversary. Will the flowers arrive on time?

Small Business Pipeline

A business has several pipelines that funnel goods and services to customers: development pipeline, sales pipeline, marketing pipeline and revenue pipeline are a few examples. The purpose of this article is to give ideas that generate thoughts and actions. The video below offers basic tools that every business needs to compete in today's world. These tools can be applied to the pipeline of any business.

This Video Introduces Several Tools to Increase a Sales Pipeline.

Join us again for: Small Business Pipeline. We will look at several pipelines that businesses use to keep products and services flowing.

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