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I Was Tripping at "The Ledges"


Getting to the Top

Ah! The title fooled you, didn't it? I was "tripping" at The Ledges but in a manner that did not cause a ruckus. My "tripping" involved a surprise that such a place existed in Huntsville, Alabama.

The Ledges is an exclusive, 18-hole golf course sitting on top of a mountain. To get inside the gate, you must have a membership or a friend/relative who has one. I happen to have a relative. . .a sister. The main building gets "the ball rolling."

Look at that pristine lawn! The same care continues into the building. I love it up there! Getting up to the top of the mountain is also exciting!

Look at that!

The drive includes floral designs, rock formations and greenery every step of the way.

If you happen to visit at night, gaze down at the city from a window. . . it is breathtaking!

The Homes

Classic designs make the multi-million-dollar homes scream "wealth and prosperity!" Each has its own unique design. As I drove around, it was easy to see that the homeowners made sure their landscaping did not take away from the well-manicured golf course. Here's an example!

What's Going on in Huntsville?

In 2022, Huntsville was voted the best city to live or visit in America. It's an old city, dating back to 1805/1806 when the US Government negotiated a treaty with the Chickasaw and Cherokee Indians and acquired the land. The economy thrives with Redstone Arsenal, Cummings Research Park and NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center leading the way in establishing an average yearly salary of $61,642.

The population consists of 55.17 white, 29.0 African American, 16.666 Latino and a mixture of others.

The Space Center

That's enough talking. . . here's a little video. Enjoy!

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