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We Help Discover Your Story

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Discover how your story has impacted your life.  How does it relate to what you are seeking to do?  How do you feel about it?  Do you include it in your music, art or books you write?  

Establish Your Voice


Find your unique voice.  Speak with your voice.  Allow your story and voice to position you in the world of music, art or whatever profession you desire.  

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Individualism is the key. Each person has unique qualities, and that uniqueness comes from the mental image he or she has of himself or herself. 


Our job is to unearth yours and use it to promote your style.  What sets your music or literary piece apart from others?  Finding that out, is crucial to your success.



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Meta Rose Art & Biz uses magazine articles, videos, EPK Development and wardrobe suggestion to assist clients in image branding, recognition and industry connections.  We do not aid in project, business or organization creation, our job is to get you noticed and assist in directing you to the industry of choice.  Individual posts and pages will give detail information, submission procedures and price packages in other areas of this website.

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