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EPK: we put it together

An EPK is your Electronic Press Release.  It gives a short, concise view of who you are, what you are promoting, why you are promoting it and how each piece relates to the other.  It should be written in a way that is "eye-catching, captivating and engaging" from beginning to end.  Every element must contribute to the whole... no information is excess.

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What We Do









Your Story

Recall a true story that relates to your CD, book or artwork.  It can be humorous, sad or life changing, but helps to deliver the message or idea of the product.


Describe the product. Connect it to the story. For example, explain how the song and story impacted your life. Did you write or sing it because of the loss of a loved one? 


Play a small excerpt of the song or video.  Allow the receiver to get a sample of what the product is.  This can be essential to its acceptance or rejection.

Short Bio

Include a short, concise bio.  Some include place of birth and education.  What motivated you into getting into music, writing or designing.  It is a mini inside look of yourself.

Roman Sculpture
Sitting on Sand at the Beach

 Come Above . . .

Send us a short story consisting of seven (7) or eight (8) sentences, three (3) or four ( 4) images, a short video of your perfomance and short bio.  Once payment is made, upload all elements.
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