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Beauty, Brains and Business Acumen

Updated: Mar 4

Beauty, Brains and Business Acumen

It only takes a quick glance at the image above to determine Beyonce's external beauty, but. . . what does she have under that astonishing head of hair? Is it beauty minus brains? Talent without business acumen? This article will look at what it labels as The Four (4) Bs: Beyonce, Beauty, Brains and Business Acumen.

Origin of Beauty

On September 4, 1981, Tina and Matthew Knowles became the parents of Beyonce' Giselle Knowles. Her astonishing beauty can be attributed to a mixture of biological genes: a Creole mother and an African American father. Ms. Beyonce' not only acquired ancestral beauty, but also has French aristocracy passed on to her by maternal grandparents. Among those genetic French aristocrats, were the Family of Viscount de Beam and Joseph Broussard.

This writer has observed performances of Beyonce' for several years. Admittedly, I was taken aback by her facial beauty, but recognized it embraced bodily features as well. The provocative and suggestive style as a dancer, "sprinkled" with grace and precision, only accentuated the wholeness of her charm and comeliness. "Wiggle, shake and undulate" can be defined as signature "moves." Beauty, Brains and Business Acumen are in progress!

The Talents of Ms. Knowles-Carter

Talent, hard work and determination are not foreign to Beyonce. At age seven, she won her first talent show. Vocal exposure, coupled with dance lessons, continued throughout high school. At age 16, she became lead vocalist for Destiny's Child. Signed by Elektra Records in 1995, Destiny's Child enjoyed several hit records. The hits continued for Beyonce after she left the group and became a solo artist.

Primary genres of Ms. Knowles-Carter are Pop, R&B and Hip hop. Her coloratura voice has a "distinct tone and timbre" delivered with a "unique style of gospel and balladry." Superb vocal delivery is only one of her abilities. As a singer, songwriter and actress, Beyonce has been described as "one of the most influential female musicians of the 21st century." And... if you have not seen movies like "Etta James" and "Dreamgirls," you have missed her competency as an actress.

Activist and Feminist

Beyonce considers herself a feminist. When asked how she defines that word, the response was "equal rights for men and women." America's cultural differences are considered "double standards."

Gun reform and same-sex marriages are "high up" on her societal agenda.

Beauty, Brains and Business Acumen at Work

If you believe that beautiful head of Beyonce is empty, think again! For years, she has owned a company called Parkwood Entertainment, which is an umbrella for movies, videos and fashion. It produced "Cadillac Records" in 2008. As co-owner of Tidal with several other artists, she provides streaming services for high-definition audios and videos. Partnerships with Pepsi, Peloton and Tiffany & Co further reveal strong business acumen. The last business mentioned here is her fashion line "House of Dereon." These are some of the businesses, partnerships and endorsements Ms. Beyonce has acquired. In 2016, Forbes calculated her net worth as 355 million. Today, others claim that net worth as 500 million.

With all of her beauty, brains and business acumen, this writer believes "her greatest achievement" is motherhood. With husband Jay-Z, Beyonce is the mother of daughter Blue Ivy and twins, Rumi (daughter) and Sir (son).

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