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"Your Precious Love"
Duane Parham

The Urban Meltdown

Very smooth, you did it well. Not a match for us, but I really enjoyed it.

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"My Turn" - Saxophonist Duane Parham

Radio Armazen Feedback:

Rádio Armazém


Hello! In our opinion, their track "My Turn" is a song that evokes a smooth jazz groove and a soulful feel, with a combination of musical elements ranging from Smooth Jazz, Motown to R&B. The song starts with a smooth rhythm going into the groove, driven by a well defined Sax and a syncopated drums. From there, the other instruments add texture and vibrancy to the music, taking it to a higher level. "My Turn" is full of sentiments that add another dimension to your listening experience, evoking a sense of empathy and authenticity. The track has potential for playlists and radio stations specializing in the genre. Stay in the flow! We'll feature your music on the 61st edition of our radio show "Noitinha Groove" on Sunday (February 26th) at 10:00 pm (Brazil time) here on Rádio Armazém (listen at Later, this program will become a playlist on our Spotify profile and your music will continue to play on the radio. We'll share it on our social media and tag you on our instagram for our followers!


Lafken Records


Hi Duane, Thanks for sharing your music with us :) It's a beautiful cover. The sax line is amazing. The band, the vocals, everything sounds great. Congrats! We added it to our playlist "Soul Tide". Hope you like it Love @lafkenrecords

2022 MY TURN CD Single_JPG Final_edited_edited.jpg  Feedback for this image song has been remarkable!  Duane Parham lets everyone know it's his turn.

"Your Precious Love" Response

Radio Graviola


Hello, how are you? First of all, thank you for submitting your song to Radio Graviola. What a great version! The arrangements are very original, the saxophone shares the lead voice with the singer in an organic and well-placed way, without competing. Excellent execution, by the way. The aesthetics left the song in the purest Soul style. A highlight, in my perception, is the vocal ensemble. Very well put together chords of voices, which give a special shine to the song. I also really liked the saxophone interpretation: elegant and concise, without "running over" the instrumental. The general band took on the guise of a backing band, letting the voices of the singers and the sax stand out. From a technical point of view, the recording, mixing, and mastering were impeccable. We will put it on our "Relax'n'Jazz" playlist on Spotify. If the music is to be included in any special program, we'll let you know.


Congratulations on the release.


Good luck and success. We'll be in touch!

Radio DePaul and Small Print Bands

Radio DePaul & Small Print BandsI love this track! Silky smooth vocals, gorgeous instrumentation, and even the presentation are all stellar! That said, we do not air covers unfortunately. If you have any original songs, I'll check them out and be in touch!

Free 99


You have done an amazing job on this song! This is a song that I'd put on repeat! Keep the songs coming on here and keep up the great work!

Music For All Says:

What a beautiful and well-composed song, where everything fits together and enchants us! 

We're going to include it for 30 days in our "Soul & R&B For All" playlist. 


Glacer FM:  Wow! The singer is incredible and you guys bring back these moments in the history of soul music that we'll never forget. Thank you so much for sharing! Congratulations, I am the founder of "The Mark & ​​Wayne show" on Glacer FM and have decided to approve your track for broadcast on my show. 

Jango fans provide excellent feedback for Saxoponist Duane Parham.

A Guest User
Heard "My Turn" playing in a station with Gerald Albright
Bosnia and Herzegovina - 4 days ago

A Guest User
Heard "Your Preciou…" playing in a station with Boney James
Japan - 4 days ago

A Guest User
Heard "My Turn" playing in a station with Four Tops
France - 4 days ago

A Guest User
Heard "My Turn" playing in a station with Diana Ross
Japan - 4 days ago

A Guest User
Heard "Your Preciou…" playing in a station with Gerald Albright
Italy - 4 days ago

Listener Responses:

Heard "My Turn" playing in a station with Brian Simpson
United States - 5 days ago


Heard "Your Preciou…" playing in a station with Marvin Gaye
Illinois, United States - 5 days ago



Thdi Pual
Heard "Your Preciou…" playing in a station with Anita Baker
Massachusetts, United States - 5 days ago


Heard "Your Preciou…" playing in a station with Diana Ross
Texas, United States - 5 days ago



Heard "My Turn" playing in a station with Will Downing

United States - 5 days ago

  • Jim Childers

    about 4 hours ago


    Duane, I am honored. When I listen to your music, you give me such a good vibe....a happiness that shines on my day. .........jim


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