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Dr. Mamie Smith



 Since childhood, I have used classical music to get me through the hard times: career failures, loneliness, lost relationships and numerous other hardships.  However, nothing knocked me off-balance more than the death of my daughter Meta Rose.  It was a time of extreme grief and guilt. 


Music was there to lift me, carrying me across the stormy seas of life and giving me the strength to rise above the mountain tops of despair.  As an educator, I taught music . . . then found myself walking into a studio in the twilight of my life and recording my first CD.  I actually did it!  You can too. . .

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CD:  You Raise Me Up

"You Raise Me Up" is played on Indie Radio and TV Network worldwide.  Listeners can enjoy words that give them a "boost" in life.  You can be one of them.  


O Holy Night Instrumental Db Major 1Dr. Mamie Smith
00:00 / 04:45
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            Radio Can Be Inspiring!

      Mingling with Motown Vandella

4. Dr. Mamie Smith & Dana Hardwick.jpg

            Dr. Smith & Motown Flutist
                      Dayna Hardwick

             Classical Music with Dr. Smith
Silent NightDr. Mamie Smith & Ivana Butler
00:00 / 03:40

Music Touches All . . .

 Dr. Mamie Smith spent many years lifting up children. She taught vocal music to thousands of children across America and on Okinawa, Japan. As a classical artist, she was fortunate to perform in numerous choirs, operas, churches and became guest soloist for military churches on Okinawa. It is not unusual for her to be stopped on the streets of Detroit and hear, “Hi Dr. Smith! Remember me? You taught me at (name of school)!” or to be notified by a Facebook person who remembers her as the vocal teacher. Some of her students have made successful musical careers in New York. 



You see… not only did Dr. Mamie teach vocal technique and polish the human voice, she also taught basic core values like discipline, hard work, honesty and responsibility. It is these attributes that pave the way for social and moral success. It does not matter which profession or skill-set you choose, basic core values should be used for positive, societal growth and development.

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