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Hello! Before we talk about letting Mike Epps do it, let's figure out who Mike is? This writer had seen his face in movies from time to time but unfortunately, viewed him as one actor among many. Where did Epps get his beginnings?

Mike's Birthplace and Early Childhood

According to Wikipedia, Michael Elliot Epps was born on November 18, 1970

in Indianapolis, Indiana. His parents are Mary Reed and Tommie Epps. One writer says:

"Born and raised in a tough neighborhood, Epps learned to navigate life’s difficulties through the power of comedy. From a young age, his natural talent for humor served as both an escape and a coping mechanism, providing not only solace for himself but also moments of laughter and relief for those around him."

At the age of 24, he moved to Brooklyn to star in Def Comedy Jam.

Def Comedy Jam is an HBO television series that launched the careers of several African American comedians. Among them: Martin Lawrence, Jamie Foxx, D.L. Hughley, Tracy Morgan, Chris Rock, Chris Tucker and Mike Epps. The series was produced by Russell Simmons, Stan Lathan and Bob Summers and inspired by "The Uptown Comedy Club" in Harlem and "The Comedy Act Theatre" in Los Angles.

Acting Let Mike Epps Do It

Before researching Mike Epps, this writer recalls seeing his "face" on the screen in several films but had no idea the scope of his acting career. It began in 1997 with the film Strays and continues today. The list of films include: Next Friday, Dr. Dolittle, How High, All About the Benjamins, Open Season and The Upshaws, and comes from a list of seventy-six (76) totally. Since counting films was the current pastime, I continued with twenty-nine (29) television films and eight (8) documentaries. Wow! What a career! Let Mike Epps do it!

Mike starred alongside Jordin Sparks and Whitney Houston in the 2012 remake of Sparkles. Let's not forget his hosting of the BET AWARDS in 2010. Over half of his life has been dedicated to "playing someone else." Then. . . just maybe comedy is a form of acting. . . so one can say, "He was born to act!"

Personal and Family Life

Mike and Wife, Kyra

Mike Epps was a very busy man but not too busy to have a family. His first wife of 10 years was Mechelle McCain. Two (2) children grew out of that marriage: Maddie and Mariah. Another relationship produced two additional children. Today, he is married to Kyra Robinson. They have one child, Indiana. Kyra was employed by OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) and is known for producing the show Iyanla Fix My Life.

The Light Continues to Shine

Today's American entertainer recognizes that having a talent is just a starting point, but using that talent to establish wealth, consists of developing a business mentality. And . . . never leaving that business in the hands of someone else. Personally gain business acumen, and work from both lanes: demonstration of talent and "working your business plan." Epps seems to "drive in both lanes." Because of his love for Detroit and desire to aid in the betterment of mankind, One Mike Detroit was born. Let him tell you about it. We can all say: "Let Mike Epps do it!"

Motown is our town! It is not just where cars are made, music and comedy originate and thrive. Epps is making it "his town" with a downtown bar, events hall, restaurant, and entertainment showroom and . . . a private club coming! We can all say, "Mike is doing it!"

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